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Jewelry is more than just a pretty piece or accessory; since the very beginning jewelry has always been an outward expression of many things… nostalgia, heritage, personality and ethos. Now, for the very first time, a designer has dared to be different by asking the question, HOW DOES YOUR JEWERLY MAKE YOU FEEL? The founder and designer of Misahara, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, not only speaks from her heart with her creative point of view but honors the things that she knows are the most meaningful to people today. After all, don’t we all want jewelry that reminds of us of the fondest, most joyful and beautiful moments in our life? And, of course, we need to still look great in the process! Crafting personalized pieces that truly speak to one’s heart and mind is why Misahara was created. Lepa’s designs infuse elements of her personal style and nuance often sourced from her travels and international influences. She uses her experiences from locales around the world to inspire her design process and craft jewelry that tells a story.

Lepa established Misahara in 2013 after years of redesigning jewelry that her husband had gifted to her. Although she loved the heartfelt intention behind these gifts, she was always a bit dismayed that the pieces didn’t feel personal. After discovering her talent for re-imagining jewelry, her husband eventually encouraged her to start her own jewelry line; creating pieces that perfectly represented her style and personality… and so Misahara was born!

Our founder truly embodies the idea of a global citizen, with homes in Africa, Europe, New York and California. Lepa’s creativity is sparked from her experiences that speak to multiculturalism and evoke a sense of wonder and mystique. Her strongest muses are her children, who are central to her inspiration. You can feel her devotion to family in all our Collections as well as her true respect for Mother Nature. Yet at the same time there is a sense of whimsical joy that speaks to our individuality as women, our rebellious nature and our uniqueness.

We stand for more than just an emphasis on an emotional connection. We are also known for our expert craftsmanship, quality and ethical business practices. Every piece of jewelry is hand fashioned, thoroughly inspected and reviewed to ensure the finished product meets Lepa’s exacting standards. We only source our gems and metals through ethical partners, which speaks to our commitment to sustainability and establishes us as stewards for the very international communities that influence our designs.

Misahara has been recognized in prestigious publications which include Town & Country, The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Forbes and many other. As well, Lepa has been a finalist of several international jewelry awards. We are consistently admired for our innovations in the couture jewelry niche, with our focus on authenticity through design and our support for the very communities that inspire the designs. We also “walk the walk”. Upon its inception, Misahara established the True Cause Foundation, a nonprofit 501c3 that works in tandem with charitable organizations around the world to provide financial assistance and ensure access to quality education and healthcare for children. We donate a percentage of the proceeds to the True Cause Foundation and other worthy nonprofit charities around the world.

Dare to be comfortable in your own skin, wear jewelry that perfectly reflects you… explore MISAHARA!  

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